Patti Petrucka

  • Designation: Ranch Ehrlo Society
  • Country: Canada
  • Title: Family Centered Addiction Program


Patti Petrucka has over 30 years of experience as a registered graduate-level social worker. Patti has been a sessional lecturer at the University of Regina for 22 years and is committed to educating upcoming social workers. she specializes in child welfare, direct practice approaches, and anti-oppressive practice focusing on families.

Patti’s current role is the Director of Family Programs, where she has developed three treatment programs for families. Patti has made numerous local, national, and international presentations. Most notable the National Child Welfare Conference in Calgary, The World Forum Child Welfare League –New York, the National Association of Social Workers - Halifax, a National Conference in San Francisco, and the International Child and Youth Care Conference in Victoria, British Columbia.


The Family Centred Addiction Program is focused on keeping families intact, safe, and healthy while participating in an intensive addiction residential program. Individuals seeking treatment for addiction recovery and relapse prevention can attend therapy with their family members. They will attend daily structured holistic programming focusing on trauma, mental health, co-dependency, family function, and addictions psychological education. Weekly programming is offered to children and youth impacted by parental habits. Highly trained staff provide daily support in the family home to assist in relationship building, parenting skills, and overall positive family functioning. Another treatment is geared to the needs of the families, including safety in parenting, child behavior management, parent education and support on discipline, and child development and relationships. Families are also offered services in nutrition, household management, self-care, and employment/educational skills.

The program, although still in its infancy, has shown significant outcomes of families remaining safely intact one-year post-discharge. There the number so families served was xxx; the number of children preserved or reunified with the family was xxx

We work with referring agents from each province and territory in Canada.

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