Shakeeva Chynara Asanovna

  • Designation: Doctor of Psychological Sciences
  • Country: Kyrgyzstan
  • Title: Current Trends in the Development of Alcoholism in Kyrgyzstan


Shakeeva Chynara Asanovna is a Doctor of  Psychological Sciences. She is a full member (academician) of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences of the Russian Federation (1998), Academician of the International Aitmatov Academy (1999), and Professor Emeritus at the University of Oxford, England (2010).


Historically, the Kyrgyz culture, as the culture of one of the Central Asian countries, was not widely characterized by the use of strong drinks and alcohol. Among the Kyrgyz, less strong drinks such as bozo, zharma, and kymyz were the most common on holidays and feasts. However, the emergence of a new socio-economic formation and interpersonal relationships gave rise to a new culture of leisure, interpersonal communication, which increasingly began to include new interpersonal forms and new types of leisure, including behavior. Starting from the 40s-50s, new, hitherto unknown forms of cultural feasting began to arise. Modern forms of leisure development have appeared, especially with alcohol consumption.

Undoubtedly, this had great negative consequences for lifestyle, family, and friendly relationships. New cultural relations have not yet been formed in the social environment, which would have introduced interesting forms of enriching interpersonal relationships in human communication. Unfortunately, the increase in alcohol consumption has led to the development of family violence and aggressive forms of mutual relations.

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