Shawqi H Alawdi

  • Designation: Associate Professor of pharmacology and therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, Thamar University
  • Country: Yemen
  • Title: Pharmacogenetics of Drug Addiction: Recent Perspectives and Therapeutic Promises


Shawqi Alawdi is an Associate professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at the Faculty of Medicine at Thamar University, Yemen. He also works as an associate professor at the Syrian Private University (SPU), Damsacus, Syria. He received PhD in pharmacology and toxicology from Cairo University, Egypt. His research interests include drug addiction, drug repurposing, neuroscience, nanotechnology, and pharmacoepidemiology. 


Drug addiction is a brain disorder where genetic polymorphisms have been implicated in its development and play significant roles in its treatment. Identification of the susceptibility genes involved in addiction has made several vital leaps thanks to the advances in genome-based clinical and bioinformatics studies. In this presentation, recent pharmacogenomic data engaged in drug addiction will be discussed with an emphasis on emerging discoveries that could play an important role in the prediction and pathogenesis of addiction. Additionally, clinically applicable ideas for addiction treatment will be discussed, including novel therapeutic repurposing of some available drugs that could be useful in addiction therapy.

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