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Addiction World Conference (AWC 2024) is committed to advancing addiction research and its effective treatment by highlighting the latest breakthroughs and innovations. Our primary objective is to delve into the forefront of addiction mechanisms, policy, and practice with the purpose of addressing the shortcomings and challenges within the industry. At the core of our conference lies a commitment to foster collaboration, knowledge enrichment, and providing hands-on experience to explore the approaches to prevent and treat addiction. This conference is the best tool for experts from various expertise to collaborate and work towards the goal of enhancing the lives of affected individuals.

270 million individuals, equating to 5.5% of the global population comprising between age groups 15-64, are reported to have engaged in drug use(psychoactive) in the past year. Around 35 million people struggle with drug use disorders, marked by depreciating usage trends or dependence. Thus, it’s a very crucial challenge the world is facing and demanding a better solution.

We'll see that the best organizing team shares your best work on the best platform. We'll work hard to make the conference successful with the most significant planning schedules. It would be an incredible experience for you, us, and everyone attending the conference.

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